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Aarong Dairy

Best Quality Dairy Products from Aarong Dairy

Aarong Dairy is one of the most popular brands when it comes to dairy items. Buy the best quality dairy items for you and your family. PriyoShop brings the best quality products from Aarong Dairy for the homemakers in Bangladesh. PriyoShop being the no. 1 e-commerce site in Bangladesh, has always been ensuring the quality of the products. The UHT milk, ghee, butter, cream and other ingredients provide the homemakers easy cooking and delicious food all at once.


About Aarong Dairy

BRAC Dairy was established in 1998. It began as an income-generation sector to create a market for rural dairy farmers and provide them a profit-making platform. It started when the demand for milk in villages was low and there were no refrigerated storage facilities for the unsold milk. To meet that need, BRAC established milk factories to collect milk from rural dairy farmers with a fair price and sell it to the urban market. Over time, BRAC Dairy’s goals have expanded to serve high-quality milk products to their customers. In addition to packaged milk, it offers processed and packaged milk products. To summarize, the enterprise channels milk from rural to urban areas while channeling urban money into rural areas.


The Products We Offer

Ghee: Ghee is a nutritional powerhouse. Ghee contains plentiful amounts of fat-soluble vitamin. It is essential to a wide range of body functions from the brain to the immune system. So, buy fresh dairy ghee from Aarong Dairy at the best price from PriyoShop.It is essential to a wide range of body functions from the brain to the immune system.

UHT Milk: Your daily needs of milk will be fulfilled by PriyoShop. These UHT milk is ready to drink and full of nutrition and deliciousness. Get them in the most reasonable price and delivered at your home real fast. Aarong Dairy UHT Milk comes in low fat, full cream and other delicious flavors.


Aarong Dairy Products at Best Price Online

Proper nutrition comes from best quality food. Tasty and healthy food can never be made from inferior ingredients. Aarong Dairy ensures the quality and taste for your family. We take care of the ingredients we pick. The brand strictly maintain superiority in procuring raw materials by collecting them from those locations where the best quality raw materials are found. Thus it contributes to the purity and authenticity of final products.


Get Delivery across the Country

Shop from home and get delivery at your home. PriyoShop delivers all over Bangladesh, in every remote place. Visit our website to look at all the available products and choose yours. Quick and easy replace/return/refund policy is applicable if any problem found.


Buy Aarong Dairy Items Online at PriyoShop

So, now you know where to shop for your Dairy Products. Do visit our website for all the available products and the details. Shop easily from home and get delivery across the country. There is also easy-return and replace options if any problem arises. Make your food more interesting and please everyone.