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Air Purifiers

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Xiaomi-Mi Air Purifier Pro

Tk 22,999
Xiaomi-Mi Air Purifier Pro optimizes the air pressurized system and creates a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) up to 500m3/h, meeting that it purifies 500m3 air particles per hour. You can improve your home life quality with pure air, which makes you feel like walking in the forest.

Xiaomi Mi Car Air Purifier

Tk 7,200
Mi Car Air Purifier from Xiaomi is a compact version of their regular air purifiers. In terms of hardware, the Mi Car Air Purifier uses a two-wheel mirror fan circulation system which is capable of purifying the car's air in just 3-7 minutes.

Sharp Air Purifier FP-J30E-B - 226 Sft

Tk 16,110 Tk 17,900
Get the original SHARP air purifiers at the most affordable price. Sharp air purifier FP-J30E-B cleans the air by dispersing positive and negative ions – similar to the ones found in nature – to deactivate airborne threats such as viruses, allergens, bacteria, and microbes to keep the air inside your home safe and clean.

Mi Air Purifier Filter Anti-Formaldehyde (Green)

Tk 2,990
It is supplied by the top 3 US air purifier manufacturers, the filter combines an aerodynamic 360 cylindrical design with a powerful triple-filter consisting of primary, HEPA and activated carbon layers.

Mi Air Purifier 2

Tk 16,500
Mi air purifier 2 is simple, elegant and has a new compact design that is 40% smaller than the first Mi air purifier. Despite this, it still offers a high 310m3/h clean air delivery rate and takes just 10 minutes to circulate purified air in a 21m2 room.

Room Air Purifier - 424051

Tk 4,999
Insert the battery and refill into the device and sets the timer fragrance. When refill is almost finished, the device will signal the inner indicator as a result you'll understand in time that you will have to refill.

Air Purifiers


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