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Bella Contact Lensesin Bangladesh

Bella is a trusted brand for best quality contact lenses. Low quality lenses can be very harmful for your eyes which may lead to various eye problems and even blindness. PriyoShop, being the trusted authorized partner of Bella, brings best quality contact lenses for better vision and for easy online shopping. Thus, PriyoShop can be a great platform for reaching out the customers of Bangladesh.


About Bella Contact lenses

Always crafted to the highest standards in beauty and style, today, Bella’s color contact lenses lab, manufacturing facility and offices are all state-of-the-art premises, where the genius of the distinctive ergonomic and futuristic designs are created by the company’s founder. More than a decade after designing the first contact lens, the goal of Bella Color Contact Lenses is the same today as it was when it was originally founded – unique products as well as premium quality lenses for beauty seekers around the world. Bella Color Contact Lenses maintain eminent manufacturing standards and strives to lead the industry in innovative product design. The highly successful signature designs have made Bella a market leader, and within its extensive line of unique beauty lenses, customizable designs are discovered in order to accommodate all types of fashion, beauty and lifestyle choices.


Artistic Look with Bella Contact Lenses

For those in pursuit of subtle, bold and dramatic looks, Bella Color Contact Lenses is the best fashion accessory to help your eyes look glamorously stunning. Its superior quality combines fashion and comfort. With Bella, beauty and solace merge to give you that stunning impression. Each hue is delicately applied with discreet spokes to emphasize the beauty of your iris, and their limbal rings help enlarge your eyes for a more defined look. Finally, every category helps you transform into a new you, whether you like to be soft and sensitive; classic and intuitive; or even bold and daring. 

The values that “Bella” represents are reflected in the letters that create the brand. Here, B stands for Breathable and Healthy, E for Exceptional vision, L for Lens protection, another L for Luxury and A stands for Artistic.


Special Features

The special features of Bella contact lenses are that it contains 38% water contents for less dryness, it blocks 60% from harmful UV rays, it is made out of durable polymacon materials. These features make Bella lenses different from other brands and more safe and effective.


Reasonable Pricing

The price of these best quality, colorful contact lenses is kept very reasonable for the customers. You will certainly find it very affordable here. PriyoShop serves you with best quality keeping the price very low and reasonable. So, now you can enhance your everyday look and have a clearer vision in affordable price.


Get Authentic Bella Contact Lenses at PriyoShop

PriyoShop is a trusted source of Bella brand to provide you the best quality contact lenses for your best experience. PriyoShop provides home delivery service across the country with minimum delivery charges. Visit our website for the details of all the available products that we bring for you. So, just sit on your sofa and shop from PriyoShop and get your desired products at home at reasonable prices.