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Bioaqua Wonder Eye Cream 20gm

Tk 350.00
Presenting to you the Bioaqua Wonder Eye Cream 20gm. This eye cream removes Blackheads from the eye and removes its swelling. Grab it now.

Bioaqua Ginger Hair Shampoo 400gm

Tk 750.00
The Bioaqua Ginger Hair Shampoo 400gm is provided with original ingredients which are thoroughly usable without any side effect. It, moreover, has the huge amount of reputation for its quality that is made you brighter as well as shiny.
Original Bioaqua Cosmetics Available at PriyoShop
Bioaqua has been well received by consumers for its good social reputation, first-rate product quality, and rich product categories since its establishment. BIOAQUA brand, originated from the French royal family, was created in 2009 by our founder Zhaofeng Liu in China. Bioaqua has a new interpretation of fashion trends. Original products from Bioaqua brand is available at Stay tuned with PriyoShop to know about skin care products, exclusive offers, new arrivals and get a big saver in your order. 
Beauty is Your True Color
Bioaqua always believes that beauty is your true color. Bioaqua is a creator of professional beauty and it has its own research and development section. Today, BIOAQUA has hundreds of researchers. They shuttled to beauty research forums and beauty salons in Seoul, Tokyo, New York, and Paris. Capture cutting-edge beauty ways from around the world and absorbed into our products. This brand is highly cost-effective to meet consumers' pursuit of beauty and health. Bioaqua believes our beauty is natural and we need to restore our original beauty. Beauty is a life attitude. Beauty is an enjoyment too. Awaken freedom and nature, truly enjoy your life. Every detail of the brand is truly created for beauty.
Bioaqua for Skin
Bioaqua is gentle on the skin and its rich ingredients give the skin attentive care. Bioaqua skin care products contains plant extracts which are non-toxic, mild, harmless and healthy to your facial skin. We offer popular Bioaqua skin care products for you.
Bioaqua Natural Soap: Bioaqua natural soaps clean the skin while nourishing soft skin. These soaps are careful care of the skin. Enjoy moisturizing silky touch of various types of Bioaqua natural soaps such as matcha natural oil soap, pure lavender oil soap, baby skin handmade soap, bamboo charcoal handmade soap, dark spot remove soap, coco sweet handmade natural rose soap etc.
Bioaqua Face Cream Range: Bioaqua offers very effective moisturizing and anti-aging cream range. For example, Bioaqua Hyaluronic Acid Whitening Face Day Cream is a very gentle and effective humectant - which is a moisture binding agent. Bioaqua Horse Oil Ointment Miracle Skin Essence Cream is a natural, clear and moisturizing cream. It's an easy way to have flawless skin. Bioaqua Baby Skin Moisturizer Cream moisturizes your skin, making your skins soft and smooth. It provides balance and freshness of the skin and prepares the face to use facial skin care later. Bioaqua Brand Pure Pearl Sleeping Mask Cream not only whitens and brightens your skin, but also makes skin tone even. Bioaqua Whitening Cream moisturizes your skin, making your skin soft and smooth. BIOAQUA Refresh & Moisture 92% Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream contains natural Aloe Vera extract! It nourishes and moisturizes skin, softens, retains moisture in skin, helps to reduce skin dryness, soften rough skin, makes skin moist and gives a glossy look.
Bioaqua Face Mask: Various types of sheet masks, mud masks and jelly masks from the Bioaqua brand are available at These are hydra moisturising honey sheet mask, hydra moisturising rose sheet mask, lemon nourishing facial sheet mask, snail delicate smooth skin sheet mask, V7 toning facial fruit mask, blueberry jelly mask, cherry blossom jelly mask, magnetic face sheet mask, Mung bean revitalising mud mask, water get mask, Horse oil ointment miracle facial mask, natural aloe vera mask, aloe vera jelly mask, compressed dry sheet mask, baby skin sheet mask, mineral mud mask, carbonated bubble clay , deep cleansing mask, Osmanthus mask, freeze night mask, pomegranate essence sleep mask, pure skin moisturising mask, black mask, ice beauty mask and many more. All are available at
Bioaqua Acne Treatment
Bioaqua pure skin acne treatment products are widely known for its beauty benefits. Those who have a lot of problems with acne and have spot spots in the face, they will get benefit by using these products. Full range includes anti acne face wash, serum, mask and cream.
Bioaqua for Eyes
PriyoShop brings Bioaqua eye care products to eliminate dark circles and fine lines that appear under the eyes as a result of the ageing process and helps to promote an evenly toned luminosity to the delicate skin that surrounds the eye. Bioaqua hydra slip crystal ete mask, makeup eyebrow kit, orange moisturising vitamin C eye mask, Eyelash serum, eye ball eye essence essential, golden osmanthus eye mask, wonder eye cream - all are available at PriyoShop for the total care of your eyes.
Bioaqua for Lips
Bioaqua lips care products include strawberry lip care sleeping mask, waterproof transparent jelly flower moisturising lipstick, aloe vera lip balm etc.
Bioaqua for Hair
Bioaqua offers exclusive hair care products too. These products are advised for everyday use. Use anti dandruff active carbon hair shampoo, olive oil, ginger hair mask, conditioner essential oil for silky and straight hair, ginger hair fall solution shampoo for your hair care.
Shop Full Range Bioaqua Products Online at PriyoShop
PriyoShop offers not only skin care or hair care products from the brand Bioaqua but also brings other make up kits too. Moreover, various types of Bioaqua toners, essence, BB cream, shower gel, body scrub, serum, face wash, blackheads remover, body lotion, hand cream, foot mask, make up remover, legs whitening cream, pink magic secret place whitening cream, essential oils and many more products are available at PriyoShop for the total care of your full body. If you love your skin and want to make it flawless, shop full range of original Bioaqua products online at PriyoShop and get delivered all over the country.


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