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Bioré Skin Products in Bangladesh

Bioré is a popular brand for skin cosmetics specialized in taking care of your pores. For healthy looking skin, PriyoShop ensures the quality of these products and delivers them to you so that you can shop easily from home. PriyoShop is all set to provide you all the daily necessaries to ensure the best daily skincare you can get.


Bioré for Healthy Skin Care

There are so many brands for taking care of your skin, eyes, lips etc. There is only one company, however, that devotes all of its time, energy, and manufacturing capabilities to the most vital area of skin care: pore care. That company is Bioré. Personal care brand Bioré was developed in 1887 by Japanese chemical and cosmetics company Kao Corporation. The Bioré brand specializes in deep cleansing to complexion clearing products aimed at young consumers. Bioré cleansers, make up removers, UV protection, pore packs and shower creams are sold in more than 70 countries worldwide.


The Products We Offer

Bioré provides cleansers, strips, masks and washes for the skin.There are variety range of skin products from Bioré available at PriyoShop for your healthy looking beautiful skin. The Bioré scrub utilizes spherical, non-jagged beads in order to powerfully scrub the skin and pores, washing away impurities, buffing and smoothing the skin in the process. Bioré utilizes charcoal once again in this excellent product, as charcoal aids the mask in drawing impurities out of pores in order to cleanse the skin. Oil-free and dermatologist recommended, Bioré Pore Scrub is the ideal hybrid smoother of skin. Bioré Baking Soda Anti-Blemish Cleansing Foam is a gentle, daily cleanser that deep cleans to help clear and prevent blemishes without over-drying. Contains salicylic acid. These take all the natural powerful cleansing and exfoliating properties of baking soda but they have been formulated precisely for use on your skin, so you get all the same benefits without damaging your skin.


Checking and Rechecking

The team here at PriyoShop, focuses on the quality of the products and makes sure that there is no defect. We never allow any product with defects to get into the market, even though that may result in more cost and delay in the product release. We also focus on the expiry date of the skin products. PriyoShop never sells expired products to you.


Satisfied Customers

PriyoShop lives for their customers. The genuine quality that we serve make us the most reliable source for online shopping. It is our utmost duty to deliver the best customer experience at the lowest price. Our customers enjoy the lowest price for genuine products. Their shared experiences move us forward and inspire us to work harder for them.


Get Delivered at Your Doorstep

Shopping was never this easy and tension free. PriyoShop delivers all over Bangladesh, in every remote place. So shop your favorite brand with PriyoShop and get your products delivered at your home real fast.


Get Your Desired Beauty Products at PriyoShop

Bioré offers quality beauty products and PriyoShop gives you the opportunity to buy them from home at affordable prices. Get delivery across the country with minimum delivery and installation charges and leave all your worries behind. Explore our website for details and get updates on each and every product.


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