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Edifier Multimedia Speaker - XM3

Tk 3,600 Tk 3,800
This multimedia speaker is in wooden enclosure. It has RMS 40W output power. It also has front-facing bass that reflex port to enhance low-frequency.

Edifier 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers - S760D (HB-111)

Tk 70,949
It has armed with Dolby digital, Dolby pro logic II and DTS sound decoders, S760D is engineered to deliver the best-possible 5.1 listening experience. With an enormous 10" subwoofer and ground-shaking output, S760D is perfect for your favorite TV shows, movies, games and music albums.

Edifier Home Theater - C6XD (HB-110)

Tk 23,999
It also allows you to easily keep track of them. The LED display on the independent amplifier comes in handy. It clearly shows FM channel information, speaker settings and volume level.

Edifier Versatile Speaker System - R501T III (HB-109)

Tk 16,675
It has versatile 5.1 speaker system with SD card and USB input. Moreover, it has 8 inch super bass driver, 3 inch mid-range driver class D amplifier with digital signal Processing (DSP) technology. SD card and USB flash drives reader support MP3/WMA format.

Edifier Luna Eclipse HD Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - E25HD (HB-105)

Tk 21,799
The Luna HD bluetooth speakers are the award winning luna eclipse—with the addition of an optical/digital input. This stunning 74 watt, bookshelf bluetooth speaker set is ideal for TV and home entertainment. Luna eclipse is a must have for audio enthusiasts seeking an exceptional audio and a visually striking experience

Edifier Bookshelf Bluetooth BlackSpeaker - E30 (HB-98)

Tk 28,749
The E30 bluetooth book shelf speaker is a system with stunning look and substance. Each satellite is equipped with a ¾” silk-domed, front-facing tweeter and a 2¾” midrange driver, reinforced with a 4” downward-firing subwoofer, something you won’t find in many bookshelf speakers on the market.

Edifier Wireless Black Headphone - W800BT (HB-31)

Tk 4,160
This is the most high-quality headphone. You can turn the ear cups inward for a flat fold and place them in your bag without occupying much space. The detachable cable makes it even easier to carry around.

Edifier Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker - XM2BT (HB-06)

Tk 4,300
This multimedia bluetooth speaker is recognized for its tremendous quality and you will get long lasting good experience by using it. The experience, literally, will be more reliable, comfortable and affordable to the end user.

Edifier Multimedia Speaker System - X120 (HB-03)

Tk 2,380
It has simple configuration and modern design in its satellites. The sub-woofer is made of MDF wood and the woofer arrangement looks down to reproduce more serious and intense sounds.

Edifier Multimedia Speaker System - R101V (HB-02)

Tk 2,280
This multimedia speaker is a compact and practical solution for audio output in any environment. It has equipped with a 4 inch magnetically shielded subwoofer driver and a pair of 2 inch by 2 ¾ inch oval magnetically shielded midrange satellites. In addition, the R101V can produce 9 watts of power with a master volume control dial located on the side panel of the subwoofer.

EDIFIRE Earphone - H210

Tk 550 Tk 590
It has high quality sound feature which is transmitted from these bass hands-free that is clear and prevents background noise to become a hindrance in your listening experience. In addition, the ergonomic design of it is comfortable to plug in your ears for a longer time without hurting.

EDIFIRE Earphone - P293

Tk 2,000 Tk 2,140
Its high quality lightweight construction allows you to carry it everywhere. You can also easily manage your calls with its built-in microphone. Furthermore, its over the ear design provides maximum comfort when using for long hours.

EDIFIRE Earphone - P185

Tk 800 Tk 875
The earphone looks more fashionable and is more comfortable to use. It has 20Hz~20kHz frequency that helps to operate the headphone relentlessly.

EDIFIER Headphone - P650

Tk 1,700 Tk 1,820
The headphone looks more fashionable and is more comfortable to use. It has 1.3m cable which helps to use relentlessly. A better experience you will get with decent amount price.

EDIFIER Earphone - W293BT

Tk 4,000
It is prepared to tune in to music with outstanding bass reaction. It gives you sound with strong bass reverberations that resonate in your music.

EDIFIER Earphone - P190

Tk 1,200
It has powerful bass and clear treble, and is designed to provide added comfort. It can be controlled calls and music with the inline mic/remote.

EDIFIER Earphone - P210

Tk 800 Tk 850
It is designed with a black copper clad aluminum voice coil for enhanced sound quality. It has high-performance magnet drivers strengthens the low-frequency of your music. It is more warm and lovely bass that any audiophile will enjoy.

EDIFIER Earphone - H190

Tk 1,000 Tk 1,100
The earphone has classic designed with Hi-Fi features deliver powerful sound. You can listen to your music without disturbance from the outside world. It has produced high-quality sound, as a result, you will experience better optimal sound.

EDIFIER Headphone – G3

Tk 5,000 Tk 5,350
The G3 headphone takes its design inspiration from sci-fi futuristic games so you feel fully immersed. The headphone is made up with amazing designed which is also more comfortable to use. Available EMI facility.

EDIFIER Headphone - G2

Tk 3,200 Tk 3,425
Edifier G2 professional gaming headphone is high quality speaker with clear sound, 20Hz 20kHz frequency response, 98dB sound pressure level, 3.5mm microphone with 120 degree rotation. It has an elegant futuristic and high quality design.

EDIFIER Headphone - H850

Tk 2,500
This ergonomic headphones from Edifier is the pinnacle of pristine audio. It elevates the listening experience and enhances audio tunes. The ergonomic headphone delivers style and comfort for all.

EDIFIER Headphone - G4

Tk 6,000 Tk 6,420
The Edifier headphone is an over ear style headset. Having your ears covered will limit any outside noise invading your game. The over-ear style lets your whole ear hear every sound coming from your game without missing a beat. The leatherette ear pads also offer long gaming session comfort. Available EMI facility.

Edifier Headphone - W800BT

Tk 3,750 Tk 4,015
It is more fashionable and portable headphone which has bluetooth V4.0 for low power and high efficiency transmission that supports standby 800 hours and working 35 hours. It also has ergonomic earlap design, matches soft leather ear cup and cushion for comfortable wear.

EDIFIER Headphone - P841

Tk 3,200 Tk 3,425
Edifier Headphone - P841 has an egg-shaped ear cups and uses a lot premium touch like soft-leather on the ear-muffs. It has pretty lightweight pair of headphone and the clamping force that is fairly restrained that does make it a comfy pair of headphone.

Edifier Headphone - K800

Tk 1,250 Tk 1,340
It has high performance 40mm neodymium unit makes this perfect fit for gaming and online conversation needs. It is offered a strong bass and high-quality treble that will help you conquer any game.

EDIFIER Headphone - W570BT

Tk 2,700 Tk 2,890
Edifier headphone has high performance neodymium drivers with an ultra-diaphragm that produces strong bass and a full audio experience. Moreover, it has built-in high sensitivity Omni-directional microphone which is for picking up 360-degree sound source.

EDIFIER Headphone - K550

Tk 900 Tk 965
Edifier headphone is comfortable to wear lightweight, has clean and natural sound system. In addition, it has separate headphone and microphone connector, and it can be easily controlled volume or mute microphone from the integrated controls.

Edifier 2.1 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker System - XM2BT

Tk 4,200 Tk 4,500
Edifier 2.1 multimedia bluetooth speaker system has USB flash drives. It has connection with IR remote for source selection, support audio playback from Bluetooth devices, bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

Edifier RMS 2.1 Multimedia Speaker - X100B

Tk 2,300 Tk 2,500
Music is the divine way of telling beautiful things to your heart. This is the most beautiful melodies are simple and inevitable. So make your days melodious with edifier speaker that is here to make your day.

Edifier Spinnaker Red Music System - E30

Tk 25,000 Tk 25,990
Music could be considered oxygen for the soul. It can relax, motivate and put you in a positive frame of mind. Pick the amazing this music system collection for yourself. It also uniquely is designed dome-shaped, multifunctional wireless remote. Available EMI facility.


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