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Finlay Tea

Finlay Organic Premium Tea at PriyoShop

Finlay Tea is such a brand that wants to continue the trend of providing healthy beverage options and by combining drinking excellent teas with their daily lifestyle.  Finlay wants to change the way people see and think about tea, one cup at a time. This tea brand maintains the highest quality in manufacturing tea from fresh tea leaves. To satisfy the customers, PriyoShop brings their different kinds of products from Finlay Tea for easy shopping.


About Finlay Tea

The tea companies which were owned by Finlays in Bangladesh are known by the names “The Consolidated Tea & Lands Co. (Bangladesh) Limited (Consol), and Baraoora (Sylhet) Tea Company Limited (Baraoora). As a part of the Company's commitment to the society, they endeavour to support the locality we work in by enriching its environment and uplifting the living condition of its people. The concept of TQM and provisions of the ISO-9000 and ISO-14000 have already been conceptualized by the company as a role model for future management policy.


Products for We Offer

Finlay has an enormous arrangement for our tea blending. PriyoShop distributes Finlay’s best natural and flavored premium tea which is a total refreshment package with the fresh aroma and excellent taste to give you company in the morning as well as in the evening time. Finlay Masala Tea is a light spicy and fresh taste for a cheerful day. Also very soothing and fresh. Finlay Green Tea is known and accepted as a healthy beverage due to its unique manufacturing process provided a delicious tea that brews to a light golden color with a distinct character. Finlay tea has antioxidant and that is useful for protecting your body from the negative effects of aging and the effects of pollution. Each sip you take of it makes you feel healthy.


Benefits of Organic Tea

The benefits of tea include reducing the impact of stress, of protecting us from every chronic disease, reduces the risk of cancer, strengthens the immune system, treduces the risks of stroke and high blood pressure and has antioxidants properties. Recently tea drinkers have renewed their interested in tea, once again appreciating this elegant herb’s sophistication and natural goodness. 


Finlay’s Unique Tea Blending

Finlay’s tea blending has set an unconditional preference in the market throughout Bangladesh. They are looking forward to serve the best tea with greatness for the domestic market. Feel the aroma and colour with unbound happiness. It strives to provide tea lovers with a tea experience brought to the customer. Finlay wants all of their customers to feel empowered and positive by purchasing their tea.


Proper QC before Delivering

Checking the quality of the products is necessary. The team here at PriyoShop, focuses on the quality of the products and makes sure that these serves the best quality. We never allow any product with defects or expired products to get into the market, even though that may result in more cost and product release delay.


Buy Finlay Tea Best Price at PriyoShop

Finlay Tea Company brings all good quality tea bags and blended classic, gold and green tea and PriyoShop gives you the opportunity to buy them from home at reasonable prices. Get delivery across the country with minimum delivery charges and leave all your tension behind. Explore our website for details and get updates on each and every product.

Finlay Tea

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