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New Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer - (CBNA)

Tk 1,650 Tk 2,350
New Veet Sentitive Touch electric trimmer gives you a closer trim than ever ! This trimmer is Veet's best trim technology specially tailored to gently trim and precisely shape your delicate body parts such as face, bikini and underarms. It is suitable for dry use, in bath and under the shower with anti-slim grip for optimal wet use.

Kemei 7 in 1 Professional Grooming Kit - KM580A

Tk 1,340
Grooming kit comes with a dual foil shaver which has the ability to shave any edge with precision. The ear and nose trimmer further guarantees safe, easy and hygienic grooming. A perfect grooming kit that can be used for any occasion.

Touch Max Hair and Nose Trimmer

Tk 840 Tk 1,000
It keeps neat and is trimmed between haircuts with the Idea village microtouch max trimmer. It features two comb attachments and a built-in light for added precision. This personal trimmer is ideal for use on your nose, ears, eyebrows neckline and sideburns.

Osenjie Face Steamer

Tk 1,460
This incredible product is designed to provide soothing steam, which opens pores and helps remove dirt, bacteria. It provides a spa treatment that leaves skin soft and silky-smooth. It is lightweight and portable so that you can carry with you anywhere.

Kemei Rechargeable Shaver & Electric Trimmer - KM680A

Tk 1,800
It has automatic grinding, fast and efficient, efficient acute stainless steel head, lasting stay sharp. It has 3 limited combs with different lengths, 3mm / 6mm / 10mm and has8 in 1 hair clipper kit, to shave areas of hair and remove the annoying ear hair, eyebrows, and facial hair.

Kemei Rechargeable Electric Trimmer - KM2013

Tk 1,799 Tk 2,500
7 in 1 rechargeable shaver trimmer clipper for men, which can clean your beard, nasal hair and temples hair easily, very convenient for you. Lightweight, easy for carry on a trip or travel anywhere.

Kemei Professional Electric Hair Clipper - KM4003

Tk 1,390
This hair clipper is made of titanium plated stationary moving blade. It can work cordless and cord operation. It is a portable electric hair trimmer. It contains four blades 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, and 12 mm. It is 100% waterproof.

Kemei Shaver and Rechargeable Trimmer

Tk 2,450
Kemei shaver and rechargeable trimmer has an ergonomically shaped body which makes it easy to hold and use. It can guarantee managed cutting speed for a capable to use.

Kemei Rechargeable Electric Trimmer-KM-3909

Tk 1,300
Kemei rechargeable electric trimmer is used as an advanced cutting system. It can be used wirelessly and is convenient to operate. It is popular to new generation.

Philips Black Trimmer - QT3315/10

Tk 2,925
It has stainless steel blades for long-lasting sharpness where you get a perfect yet protective trim, time after time. The trimmer's steel blades lightly brush against one another, sharpening themselves. It is 1 mm precision set the trimmer at the lowest position for a perfect stubble, just 1 mm long.

Philips Black Trimmer - QT4003/15

Tk 3,090
It is skin-friendly rounded tips for smooth skin contact blades that stay extra-sharp to always cut hairs neatly and effectively but have rounded blade tips and combs to prevent irritation.

Philips Black Trimmer - QT4001

Tk 2,550
It is easy to select and lock-in length settings, it has 1-10mm turn the wheel to simply select and lock-in the length settings that you want: from a short beard of 1mm up to a full beard of 10mm, in precise 1mm steps.

Philips Black Trimmer - BT1215

Tk 2,120
It is made up with stainless steel blades for long-lasting sharpness where you get a perfect yet protective trim, time after time. The trimmer's steel blades lightly brush against one another, sharpening themselves as they trim so they stay extra sharp and effective.

Philips Ash Trimmer - BT1210

Tk 1,580
It is made up with stainless steel blades for long-lasting sharpness where you get a perfect yet protective trim, time after time. The trimmer's steel blades lightly brush against one another, sharpening themselves as they trim so they stay extra sharp and effective.

Philips Aqua Black and White Touch Electric Shaver - AT610/14

Tk 4,540
It can ensure with refreshing shave without worrying about damaging your skin. It ensures a safe, refreshing wet shave. It, in addition, saves your time and completes shaving smoothly. As a consequence, a better experience will be appeared to you.

Browns Hair Remover – HL011

Tk 750
It is a safe and fast way to remove hair. It is avoid malfunction, don’t get close to hair, eyelashes, metal etc. Never leave your hair remover unattended when in use, household use only. To avoid malfunction, keep the hair remover and adapter away from water.

Slique Hair Threading System – HL005

Tk 299
Using the hottest trend in salon/spa hair removal, "hair threading". Slique is a new innovative device that can give women that perfect hair-free skin model looks easily from the comfort of their own home. It is a kind of technique passed from one generation to the next, is now available in a modern small and attractively priced device. This threading system is efficiently removes an entirely straight line of hairs, all at the same time leaving the skin hair free and smooth.

Shengfa Designed Dual Shaver/ Beard Trimmer for Men - G604

Tk 850 Tk 999
Designed with one flexible head, this electric shaver can clean your face in all directions to ensure a better shaving experience.

Kemei 2 in 1 Nose and Hair Trimmer - G600

Tk 690 Tk 900
Just put the front part of outer blade into nose. Clean cut no damage to skin, no impairment of hair function.

Kemei Rechargeable Trimmer - G531

Tk 960
A good Gadget for hair cutting operation high quality and quiet sharp blade. After a full charge, it can be continuous uses for almost 20-45 minutes. 1st time uses please charge it 6 hours.

FLYCO FC5805 Trimmer & Shaver

Tk 1,499 Tk 1,600
It is made of stainless and e-friendly plastic. You can get it with an affordable price.

Mini Portable Electric Micro USB Mobile Rezor - HG109

Tk 575 Tk 850
This small and portable electric shaver is great for travel use. It doesn't need any battery, convenient and safe. Suitable for USB / Android phones.

Gillette Shaving Kit Combo Offer (FS-0109)

Tk 1,400
Gillette Shaving Kit gives extra care for sensitive skin and help protect against nicks, cuts, and shaving irritation. Its Beard Softener technology makes beard softer.

Imported Hair Trimmers And Clipper (GMG 11)

Tk 1,250
Hair trimmers and clippers is the best and inexpensive to keep your hair clean and well maintained. This is useful tools to get a variety of short, layered haircuts for men.

Keda Rechargeable Lady Shaver

Tk 799 Tk 1,250
Safe shaving for all body parts. Removing unwanted hair from legs, face, underarms, bikini line and other areas. Rechargeable and washable.

Kemei 5 in 1 Rechargeable Grooming Kit

Tk 1,875 Tk 2,500
100% brand new and high quality! It's available for rechargeable use. The adjustable clipping comb is applicable for clipping hair of different lengths. Super waterproof, super nice design with cutting length control wheel. Fit for both baby and adults.

Emjoi Tweeze Hair Epilator

Tk 490 Tk 1,400
Innovative design solves the problem of single-hair tweezing. Automatically attracts hair like a magnet and removes it without irritation. Guaranteed no scratching, pulling or irritation like standard tweezers.

Kemei 5 in 1 Shaver, Trimmer, Hair Clipper (8058)

Tk 1,800 Tk 2,000
Professional Titanium blade design. Can be used for professional hairdressers or personal care use. Can be used for child or baby or man or woman or old people. Can be used to cut hair or beards trimmer.

Kemei KM-3018 Lady Shaver

Tk 800 Tk 1,500
Stainless steel blade. Variable cutting length. Easy to take down blade. Rechargeable battery. When the shaver is charged up, the switch must be OFF.

Portable Ultra Slim Card Shaped Razor

Tk 250 Tk 500
Pocket size, ultra-slim and credit card shape. Assemble / disassemble with ease. Put it in your wallet or pocket like a credit card. Especially suitable for travel men. Comes with two stainless steel blades.

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Grooming Kit


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