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Halda Valley

Halda Valley Tea at PriyoShop

Tea has always been an everyday drink and a must serve to our guests of hospitality. Halda Valley, being the fastest growing and prosperous tea trading company in Bangladesh, has now become many people’s first choice. To satisfy the customers, PriyoShop brings their different kinds of tea for easy shopping.


About Halda Valley

PNL Holding’s Chairman Mr. Nader Khan acquired this estate in the midst of Khagrachhari and Sitakundu high hill ranges of Chittagong He had to start from the scratch with zero experience in tea industry. Only relying on his true love for nature and wild vision to bring a revolution in Bangladesh tea industry, he never looked back and eventually turned Halda Valley into the fastest growing and most prosperous tea estate in this country. In 2009 they have built a factory over 2.56 acres of land where we use modern machinery in every steps of production process. From rolling to drying the whole process is functioned using latest technology to ensure that the plucked leaves get its desired form to be world class standard tea.


Products for Good Health

PriyoShop brings Golden Eyebrow Black Tea, Dragon Well Green Tea, Silver Needle White from Halda Valley. The Golden Eyebrow Black Tea is made of delicate handpicked leaves that offer strong honey and floral fragrance with distinctly honey-sweet and mellow taste. Dragon Well Green Tea is a variety of pan-fried green teas that has a distinctive emerald-green and perfectly flattened shape along the inside vein of the leaf. The tea leaves have a delightful fragrance and a majestic aesthetic appearance that makes dragon well into an extremely rewarding tea. The Silver Needle White Tea is one of the most revered of Chinese teas. This delicate tea is harvested before the tea plant's leaves open fully, when the young buds are still covered by fine white hairs. When brewed properly, the resulting liquor of the silver needle tea is bright clear apricot color with fresh aroma that has delightful nuances.


Checking and Rechecking

Checking the functionality of the products is necessary. The team here at PriyoShop, focuses on the quality of the products and makes sure that these function well. We never allow any product with defects to get into the market, even though that may result in more cost and product release delay.


Satisfied Customers

PriyoShop lives for their customers. The genuine quality that we serve make us the most reliable source for online shopping. It is our utmost duty to deliver the best customer experience at the lowest price. Our customers enjoy the lowest price for genuine products imported in amenable way. Their shared experiences move us forward and inspire us to work harder for them.


Get Halda Valley Products at PriyoShop

Halda Valley brings all best quality tea bags and PriyoShop gives you the opportunity to buy them from home at reasonable prices. Get delivery across the country with minimum delivery charges and leave all your tension behind. Explore our website for details and get updates on each and every product.

Halda Valley

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