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Mi Air Purifier Filter Anti-Formaldehyde (Green)

Tk 2,990
It is supplied by the top 3 US air purifier manufacturers, the filter combines an aerodynamic 360 cylindrical design with a powerful triple-filter consisting of primary, HEPA and activated carbon layers.

Mi Electric Kettle

Tk 3,500
It has constant temperature control time which can be up to 12hrs. In addition, it has 304 stainless steel inner layer, heat insulation design that gives more safe protection. 360 degree swivel power that provides durable use and convenience.

Mi Air Purifier 2

Tk 16,500
Mi air purifier 2 is simple, elegant and has a new compact design that is 40% smaller than the first Mi air purifier. Despite this, it still offers a high 310m3/h clean air delivery rate and takes just 10 minutes to circulate purified air in a 21m2 room.

Trix Dishwashing Liquid Lemon - 250ml - (CBNA)

Tk 35
Trix dishwashing liquid gives you the fastest and shiniest scratch-free clean. Its power-rich thick foam quickly works through the toughest of grease stains and unseen food residue bringing you dishes to their incredible best; fresh, shiny and sparkling clean. Available in choice of Lemon and Mint fragrances.

Huawei GSM Desk Phone - F501

Tk 2,300
GSM phone is a new wireless telephone, self- designed and manufactured using advanced technology. The method of operation is similar to an ordinary wired telephone. It has caller ID, call history, call dial the area code sweeping IP phones and hands free function.

Electric Paint Sprayer Paint Gun

Tk 3,800
It works well on all surfaces and is suitable for everything from paints and varnish or oils. The spray technology gives you beautiful, smooth, 100% coverage. It is perfect for flat walls or tricky textured surfaces like stucco, brick, paneling, crown molding.

Portable BBQ Grill Maker

Tk 1,290
It has high temperature-resistant, distortion-free, anti-dust & non-toxic, which is safer to use. It is surrounded with several air vents, give full combustion to charcoal and won’t block smoke. The charcoal plate will drop one layer to increase the distance of charcoal and cooking grid. It is folding, easy to store and convenient to bring, occupy small space.

Double Pole Telescopic Clothes Rail

Tk 1,950
This multifunctional rack will hold a large load of clothes with its strong metal frame and two cross bars at the bottom to prevent it from swaying. The height is adjustable and the design makes this clothes rack the perfect storage solution for your clothes.

A8 Laptop Cooling Table

Tk 1,900
This is flexible and can be set in multiple angles to fit any body position. It weighs 5 pounds that can support up to 30 pounds, height is adjustable from 11.25 inches to a full height of 22 inches.

8 in 1 Multifunctional Foldable Cloth Hanger

Tk 1,190
8 In 1 multifunctional foldable cloth hanger has 360 degree rotation to collapse hanger. You can keep on all your clothes on this particular foldable hanger.

Triangle Pot Drainer

Tk 150
This triangle pot drainer is made out of plastic sheet and works well. Used in kitchen for dry fish, vegetables, meat after washing them. After you washing the fruit and vegetable, put them in it. It can dry the water off.

Otto Sensor Soap Pump

Tk 1,190
This sensor soap pump helps to stop the spread of germs with its simple hands free design. You can simply place your hands under the dispenser and watch the soap flow out without a single touch of a hand. The unique shape allows for a stylish yet clutters free counter top.

Multi-Functional Mobile Holding Rack

Tk 1,450
It is perfect for condominiums and apartments. This foldable rack can be stored in a small space. It is made up with heavy duty stainless steel materials. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It is portable and super lightweight and easy and effortless folding action.

3 in 1 Power Cutting Tool

Tk 690
The 3-in-1 cutter has a mechanical action different from that of scissors. With scissors you're limited to cutting sheets of material, such as paper, fabric and thin plastic. The multi cut 3-in-1 has a mechanical action of a blade coming down onto a flat anvil.

Philips Black and Silver Mixer Grinder - HL7756/00

Tk 6,550 Tk 7,700
It has advanced air ventilation system which provides faster cooling of the appliance that ensures longer life of the motor. Besides, it has powerful 750W turbo motor that newly designed for continuous grinding that gives you the grinding experience even with tough ingredients. Available EMI facility

Philips Red and Silver Mixer Grinder - HL7710/00

Tk 5,499 Tk 6,500
This mixer is specially designed blades for perfect mixing specialized blades which help to cut even the toughest ingredients with ease. It also has advanced ventilation system that keeps the mixer body cool with the use of advanced ventilation system, you can prevent the ingredients being heated and retains with good taste. Available EMI facility.

Philips Blue and White Mixer Grinder - HL7555/00

Tk 5,399 Tk 6,300
This is specially designed 600W torque X mixer motor 600W torque X motor for maximum Juicing, superior mixing, and grinding performance. In addition, it has advanced air ventilation system the advanced air ventilation system provides faster cooling of the appliance which ensures longer life of the motor. The product will be more sustainable and durable. Available EMI facility.

Philips Blue and Silver Mixer Grinder - HL7699

Tk 7,550 Tk 8,960
Philips HL7699 mixer grinder specially is designed for tough grinding, ABS body for sturdiness, jars designed with flow breakers, cascade body design for easy cleaning of the mixer, auto cut off protection for the safety of motor life. Mixer grinder is with a 750W for a robust mixing grinding performance. You can enjoy delicious snacks, fires, meals made from using it in a healthy and fast way. Available EMI facility.

Philips 2.2 Liter Multi Color Rice Cooker - HL1664/00

Tk 4,250 Tk 4,365
This is a cheaper alternative where you can cook or keep your meal warm, this will provide perfect result to you even after you return from work. It is perfect way to prepare some steamy rice that is just appeared right restaurant-quality. You can prepare healthy steamed meals and delicious one-pot dishes. The perfect aroma protected by the rice cooker will provide eating pleasure to you and your family.

Dumpling Mold (3 Pieces) - AB011

Tk 399
Dumpling mold is 100% brand new and high quality wash in hot soapy water. Rinse and dry. Ideal for turnovers, calzones, dumplings, pocket sandwiches and piroshki recipe included. It is constructed of heavy-duty plastic. Holes in the handles allow for easy hanging.

Cotton Candy Maker - AB010

Tk 2,999
Cotton candy machine is used at home or commercial that can produce up to 2-3 servings of cotton candy per minute. By turning it on, wait for it to warm up (about 5 min), pour in the sugar and this machine starts producing cotton candy as fast as you can collect it.

Apex Fruit Juicer - AB006

Tk 1,199
Its ergonomic shape and innovative design makes the slicer very handy and comfortable to use and maintain. Famous flora juicer for pomegranate, pineapple, ginger, orange, sweet lemon, grapes, water melon, apple, carrot & etc. Non- electrical easy to operate large screw to maximum pressure for juice.

ZSH Bath Towel

Tk 2,000
It is fibers of combed cotton create a soft and durable towel. A bath towel in medium thickness that is soft and highly absorbent. The long, fine fibers of combed cotton create a soft and durable towel. Tumble dry, medium, normal cycle. Iron medium temperature. Moreover, it is provided with decent amount of price.

DIVINE Handy Beater B-02

Tk 550
Completely rust proff stainless steel blades. Comes with a handle made of high - quality plastic. Easy to use and does not require electricity. Useful for Milk, Curd, Eggs, other kitchen varieties Virgin material used.

Stainless Steel Pressure Surface Machine – HL012

Tk 740
Turn the lower lid, and put a good face block, after tightening, hand resale can be made into delicious noodles. That with three templates can suppress the course, fine, wide different pasta. Small size, light weight, saving time, effort, use of a machine, easy to use and so on. To ensure that labor-saving and delicious, in the middle and a small amount of flour or oil buckwheat noodles, noodles directly pressed into a pot of boiling water.

Skinny Moo Self String Mug – HL010

Tk 550
This battery-operated, hand-held cup creates a powerful whirling vortex to create the perfect mix in seconds. Works magic with all syrup or powder-based drinks. The nylon whisk is safe for underage children. Simply push the button to activate the whirling vortex. Within seconds, you'll have a perfectly mixed drink.

Motorized Knife Sharpener – HL003

Tk 399
It is a smart device particularly designed for sharpening blunt knife into a sharp one. Made with high-grade materials and meticulous surface treatment, it looks stylish and is wear-resistant to use. It is powered by electricity; it is quite user-friendly and easy to operate.

Shimizu SM-826 Blender 1.5L - White and Light Blue

Tk 2,250
This is a truly versatile blender - anyone can easily prepare juice and make smoothies of vegetables and fruits and can grind coffee beans and spices.

Shimizu SM-821 Blender 1.5L - Black

Tk 2,350
This is a truly versatile blender - anyone can easily prepare juice and make smoothies of vegetables and fruits and can grind coffee beans and spices.

Shimizu YD-600 Pressure Cooker 6L - Black and Silver

Tk 3,350
It is a sealed pot with a valve that controls the steam pressure inside. As the pot heats up, the liquid inside forms steam, which raises the pressure in the pot.

There was a time when kitchen-like cooking equipment was huge.After entering the kitchen,each and every equipmentwas needed to be organized,and thencooker had to sit down to cook. That day is no more; now women working in the kitchen are not getting the opportunity to breathe in.So smart cookers should always be looking for smart kitchen appliance, but it has to be convenient to use, the lightest thing that needs to be cleaned by itself.So there is no need to be shocked. Use your thoughts!Collect the necessary kitchen ingredients from PriyoShop and make the kitchen for suitable work.

Cooking, office work, child care, everything is a routine for working women.The girls of the house fell into anxiety for cooking.However, in this busy life, cooking items bring some relief to cooking.You have to know the things that will be needed for the kitchen beforehand.By which, you can easily get your cooking done.

Rice cooker is available at through which the rice can be easily cooked leaving any kind of stove and fire. You are getting a microwave oven with which you can heat the food.Now you are not going to the stove to heat the food and do not have to set the fire.Then you can bring a microwave oven in the house.Coffee is part of our everydaybreakfast.You will get coffee maker, which will reduce your time a lot. You will also get some necessary kitchen items like blender, gas stove, wreck and stand, from the PriyoShop.

Not only the kitchen items mentioned above are available, there are also some kitchen appliances that people buy to make life easier. These kitchen items are of different brands like Linnex, Phillips, Conion, Panasonic etc.

So, buy the necessary cooking items as your partner for cooking.

Kitchen & Dining Item

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