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Kitchen Utensil Set with Stand

Tk 1,249
No more searching through crowded kitchen drawers for your tool of choice for most common tasks with this handy utensil set. The stand contains seven commonly used utensils.

Apple/Potato Peeler Corer and Spiral Slicer (CP-119)

Tk 675 Tk 1,400
Spring Loaded, flexible blade arm peels over all apple shapes and bumps. Ideal for salads, pies, canning, drying, delicious treats, and everyday kitchen use.

French Fry Cutter Mini (G6400)

Tk 380 Tk 650
The quality of our product will surely enchant you. You can choose it without any hesitation of quality.

Herb Grinder (G6347)

Tk 375 Tk 750
Herb grinder aids in cutting the herb or flower to a finer grind which allows for a smoother, more intense smoke. Herb grinder helps to reduce household work.

Multipurpose Fork Spoon Multi Tool

Tk 260 Tk 490
Nice Stainless Steel 4 in 1 Multi Tool, which detaches into two sections, so you can use the fork and spoon at the same time. Besides the spoon and fork, it also has a knife blade, can/bottle opener.

5 Pieces Pattern Knife Set with Peeler and Stand

Tk 2,250 Tk 2,500
High carbon Stainless Steel for cutting & cleaning smoothly. Non-stick coating prevent food stuck on the blade. Efficient & precise cutting edge. Soft touch curved handle for holding comfortably.

Sandwich Maker NSM-301

Tk 1,760 Tk 2,000
With a choice of removable cooking plates, there's more to this sandwich maker than just a tasty toasty. Convenient, quick and easy to use, there's so much you can do with the Sandwich Maker NSM-301. From tasty cheese toasties, sandwich melts and Panini, experiment with different fillings for your perfect toasted sandwich.

Nicer Dicer Plus Big Box

Tk 640 Tk 1,000
Nicer Dicer Plus takes the cutting convenience and takes it to a whole new level. By this you can cut in different ways. You can slice, dice, cut, julienne, cube, wedge, quarter, grate and so much more.

5 Pieces Kitchen Knife and Tool Set

Tk 999
Make your chopping, peeling and cooking easy with this 5 Pieces Kitchen Knife and Tool Set. This set has 5 essential tools including 3 types of knives and peeler to work at kitchen properly.

Shake N Take Juicer Blender with Flask (2 Pieces Set)

Tk 1,750 Tk 2,500
Would you like to enjoy a healthy and delicious way to work? No need to find a juice bar or be tempted with healthy substitutes. Shake ’n Take Blender can get your own juice or smoothie. Simply mix, unscrew and take your drink on the way to work or school or gym.

Stanless Steel Noddles & Semai Maker (Code G001026)

Tk 1,440 Tk 1,800
Anyone who ever tried making home made noodles, knows they need a machine for that. Here is a great machine made from stainless steel to help you with your noodles.

Multifunctional Manual Meat Grinder

Tk 1,490 Tk 2,000
100% brand new and high quality with competitive price. Ideal for grinding hamburger, creating sausage, and blending baby food. Simply turn the handle to grind. Vacuum suction cups at the bottom prevent the machine from slipping on the counter.

Electric Magic Lunch Box

Tk 1,200 Tk 1,500
If you”ve grown tired of eating cold lunches every day, this electronic lunch box is just the thing for you! Easily pack your meals rather than having to eat out every day. Just plug your lunch box into an electrical socket and enjoy piping hot food anywhere, any time!

Drink Frother for Foamy Coffee, Milk, Juice

Tk 150 Tk 299
A drink frother will make your coffee more exciting! It quickly whisks up warm milk, creating foam similar to what you get with a latte or a cappuccino. Easy to clean and store. Gives you fancy coffee within seconds.

Refillable Kitchen Gas Lighter

Tk 150 Tk 290
The best butane gas kitchen lighter! This lighter allows you to keep your hands and face away from flames. It is so convenient that you need not to use match again.

Foldable Magic Kitchen Basket

Tk 490 Tk 650
Magic basket lets you cook, boil, or deep fry foods with ease. It goes from the sink to the pot to the table. Rinse food in the basket. Cook pasta, veggies, fried chicken. It even folds flat for easy storage.

Portable Filtered Water Bottle

Tk 229 Tk 500
Filter is a revolutionary product that takes care of the planet, keeps your body hydrated, your wallet fat, and your taste buds satisfied. All while looking good doing it. Filter will change the way you drink.

Chop Magic Slicer & Dicer

Tk 1,050 Tk 1,500
Chop Magic chopper chops, minces, cubes, slices and dices in just seconds! Chop Magic chopper is lightning fast and easy with just one pass. Everything also stores neatly inside the container.

There was a time when kitchen-like cooking equipment was huge.After entering the kitchen,each and every equipmentwas needed to be organized,and thencooker had to sit down to cook. That day is no more; now women working in the kitchen are not getting the opportunity to breathe in.So smart cookers should always be looking for smart kitchen appliance, but it has to be convenient to use, the lightest thing that needs to be cleaned by itself.So there is no need to be shocked. Use your thoughts!Collect the necessary kitchen ingredients from PriyoShop and make the kitchen for suitable work.

Cooking, office work, child care, everything is a routine for working women.The girls of the house fell into anxiety for cooking.However, in this busy life, cooking items bring some relief to cooking.You have to know the things that will be needed for the kitchen beforehand.By which, you can easily get your cooking done.

Rice cooker is available at through which the rice can be easily cooked leaving any kind of stove and fire. You are getting a microwave oven with which you can heat the food.Now you are not going to the stove to heat the food and do not have to set the fire.Then you can bring a microwave oven in the house.Coffee is part of our everydaybreakfast.You will get coffee maker, which will reduce your time a lot. You will also get some necessary kitchen items like blender, gas stove, wreck and stand, from the PriyoShop.

Not only the kitchen items mentioned above are available, there are also some kitchen appliances that people buy to make life easier. These kitchen items are of different brands like Linnex, Phillips, Conion, Panasonic etc.

So, buy the necessary cooking items as your partner for cooking.

Kitchen & Dining Item

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