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Original Lebelage Cosmetics Available at PriyoShop
Lebelage has been well received by consumers for its good social reputation, first-rate product quality, and rich product categories since its establishment. Lebelage has a new interpretation of fashion trends. Original products from Lebelage brand is available at Stay tuned with PriyoShop to know about skin care products, exclusive offers, new arrivals and get a big saver in your order. 
Lebelage for Skin
Lebelage is gentle on the skin and its rich ingredients give the skin attentive care. Lebelage skin care products contains plant extracts which are non-toxic, mild, harmless and healthy to your facial skin. We offer popular Lebelage skin care products for you.
Lebelage Face Cream Range: Lebelage offers very effective moisturizing and anti-aging cream range. LEBELAGE VC Whitening Effect Cream's brightening components of the cream and niacinamide smooth the skin, lighten pigment spots and scar marks. 
Lebelage Face Masks: Various types of sheet masks from the Lebelage brand are available at Lebelage Green Tea Solution Mask Pack stores moisture and prevents evaporation of moisture by creating a moisturizing film. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, prevents spots and freckles, and improves skin wrinkles. Lebelage Charcoal Solution Mask Pack helps draw out skin-clogging dirt and bacteria. Charcoal can provide excellent waste-absorption effects to minimize the look of pores and leave skin soft, fresh, and shine-free.  All are available at
Lebelage Facial Cleansers: Lebelage Green Tea Cleanser is a herbal cleanser and face wash whose main ingredient is green tea. It works specially against acne and increases the collagen level of the skin to make the skin young and growing. Lebelage Snail Cleanser's Snail mucus filtrate not only helps to calm and relax skin, but also refreshes and brightened. It prevents acne due to its anti-sebum content. 
Beauty is Your True Color
Lebelage always believes that beauty is your true color. Lebelage is a creator of professional beauty and it has its own research and development section. Today, Lebelage has hundreds of researchers. Capture cutting-edge beauty ways from around the world and absorbed into our products. This brand is highly cost-effective to meet consumers' pursuit of beauty and health. Lebelage believes our beauty is natural and we need to restore our original beauty. Beauty is a life attitude. Beauty is an enjoyment too. Awaken freedom and nature, truly enjoy your life. Every detail of the brand is truly created for beauty.

Genuine Products with Quality

PriyoShop never compromises with the quality of the products. The QC teams closely monitor each stage to guarantee that every finished product has a reliable quality. PriyoShop ensures the genuineness of each and every product. All these products come from the authentic merchants and are QC passed. PriyoShop never delivers any fake product or a product that has any defect. So, the authenticity is ensured by us.


Shop Full Range Lebelage Products Online at PriyoShop
PriyoShop offers not only skin care or hair care products from the brand Lebelage but also brings other make up kits too. Moreover, various types of Lebelage face masks, peeling gels, serum, face wash, face creams, sunblocks and many more products are available at PriyoShop for the total care of your full body. If you love your skin and want to make it flawless, shop full range of original Lebelage products online at PriyoShop and get delivered all over the country.


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