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Mister Potato

Mister Potato Chips for Snacks at PriyoShop

Every house enjoys a snack in the evening with family. Now buy delicious snacks items of Mister Potato from home. PriyoShop brings a few products from Mister Potato which are known among the homemakers in Bangladesh and has made its names among them. In this busy, hectic life, people now prefer quick shopping for snacks and still get the proper nutrition and delicious taste. PriyoShop being the no. 1 e-commerce site in Bangladesh, has always been ensuring the quality of the products. These items provide delicious food and happiness all at once.


About Mister Potato

The Mister Potato brand was introduced since 1991 and in the year 2000, Mister Potato Crisps was launched with much success. In the Mister Potato brand, KMM has over the years built a world-renowned brand by ensuring quality, investing in branding initiatives, promote product innovation and provide consumers with value-for-money products. To its customers, Mister Potato is an active, adventurous, fun and modern lifestyle brand offering a variety of exciting and tasty snacks that enriches moments of fun. Mister Potato is now being enjoyed by consumers in over 80 countries including its home country of Malaysia.


Food that Brings Everyone Together

Evening snacks are taken with all the family members together. These are even served for the guests in our house too. We all know that kids love this kind of snacks items. Even adults enjoy them to the fullest. These small treats are for kids and adults for their achievements or refreshment. These also can be a quick evening snacks for your kids and their friends. Thus, Mister Potato brings joy and pleasure to every house.


Entertaining the Guests

These snacks could be a common way to entertain the guests in our country. PriyoShop brings the best flavored chips from Mister Potato. To entertain the guests, the homemakers want something quick and easy to make. You will definitely enjoy these items at home with friends and family.


Mister Potato Chips at Best Price

These tasty food items come in very reasonable price. We keep the price very reasonable for our customers so that they can enjoy them. These food items bring happiness to them. You can order them from home online and get them delivered at home. So, enjoy your favorite food at home without taking the trouble of going out.


Finest Quality Foods

When it comes to food items, the ingredients are the first priority. Tasty and healthy snacks can never be made from inferior ingredients. Mister Potato maintains superiority in procuring raw materials by collecting them from trusted suppliers and from the places where best produced. Thus, it contributes to the purity and authenticity of final products.


Buy Mister Potato Snacks Items at Best Price at PriyoShop

PriyoShop brings all best quality Snacks Items from Mister Potato and gives you the opportunity to buy them from home at reasonable prices. Get delivery across the country with minimum delivery charges and leave all your tension behind. Quick replace/return/refund option is available if any problem found in your ordered products. Explore our website for details and get updates on each and every product.