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Mr Muscle Phenyle 3 L

Tk 150
Phenyl is a strong deodorant and germicide for disinfecting areas covering places like hospital, nursing homes, drains, lavatory, toilets, and cowsheds and is extensively used for sanitation purpose. That is why PriyoShop has brought to you the Mr. Muscle Phenyle 3 L. Buy it at the best price.

Mr Muscle Surface Cleaners at PriyoShop

Taking proper care of your health and your surroundings is always vital. PriyoShop brings these health care cleaning products for you and your family so that you can fight against any health issue and disease. Here, PriyoShop is an authorized source for buying all the authentic products of Mr Muscle Brand. We deliver the highest quality for your everyday health and hygiene. And PriyoShop gives you the ease of shopping in reasonable price that you need in your busy, hectic life.


About Mr Muscle

Mr Muscle is a British brand of hard-surface cleaners. It has been manufactured by S. C. Johnson & Son, since their purchase of Drackett from Bristol-Myers Squibb in October 1992. The original product – an aerosol oven cleaner – was developed at Drackett in 1986. The Mr Muscle product lineup has since expanded. The brand includes many hard surface cleaners. Products include bathroom and toilet cleaning, glass and surface cleaners, floor cleaners and polishes, kitchen cleaners and degreasers, and more. These products are sold in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa under the brand names Mr Muscle. S. C. Johnson also sells similar products in other parts of the world under the Duck and Scrubbing Bubbles brands.


Products from Mr Muscle

Mr Muscle Hand Wash & Sanitizer: Mr Muscle Hand Wash is duly effective against the invasion of germs on your hands and cleans the dirt. To disinfect your hands after entering the house from outside, before and after eating and after using the toilet. Mr Muscle Sanitizer effectively kills 99.99% germs and bacteria. It has soothing fresh fragrance. It comes various packs and spray system.

Mr Muscle Cleaners: Mr Muscle also brings dish washers, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, multipurpose disinfectant etc. for your daily use. Mr Muscle Dish Wash quickly works through the toughest of grease stains. Mr Muscle Toilet Cleaner plays a heavy duty all-rounder performance to knocks out stains, dirt and germs. Mr Msucle Floor Cleaner’s unique formula removes hard stains and destroys 99.9% of germs. It is effective in cleaning and disinfecting the floor of the house, bathroom, and kitchen. 


Fighting against Covid-19

Under the epidemic situation, taking proper care of your health has become more than necessary. The whole world is fighting against Covid-19 and so is Bangladesh. The products from Mr Muscle will be helpful to protect yourselves and your family. PriyoShop brings these Health & Hygiene products for you and your family. So, now you can fight against any health issue and disease. Here, in Bangladesh, PriyoShop is an authorized source for buying all the authentic products of Mr Muscle. We deliver the highest quality for your everyday health and hygiene.


Mr Muscle Products at Best Deal

We definitely keep in mind the budget of your necessities at the time of need. The price of these health care & cleaning products are kept very reasonable for the customers. This is based on the different types and quality of the products. PriyoShop serves you with best quality keeping the price very low and reasonable. Also, reasonable pricing doesn’t mean keeping the quality low.


Delivery at Your Doorsteps

Shopping was never this easy and enjoyable. PriyoShop delivers all over Bangladesh. So, shop your essential products at PriyoShop and get your products delivered at your home real fast.


Buy Mr Musle Cleaning Products at PriyoShop

Buy best quality health care products from Mr Muscle at best prices. PriyoShop is a trusted source of providing quality products from Mr Muscle for you and your family so that you can have the best experience. PriyoShop provides home delivery service across the country with minimum delivery charges. Visit our website to get all the details and order now. So, just sit on your sofa and shop from PriyoShop and get your desired products at home.

Mr. Muscle

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