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Jackly Professional Screw Driver Set

Tk 120
Jackly Professional Screw Driver Set, interchangeable precise manual tool set, 31-in-1 precision screwdriver, made of chrome aluminum steel, offers high-quality precision tools, exact fit precision machined heads, professional screwdrivers allow you to open the cover of mobile phones easily and without damage to the phone cover. The tool set kit has everything you need to change out any gadget face-plate.

Hot Melt Glue Gun with Glue Stick 100W - 11 Inch

Tk 302
We offer the best quality big Hot Melt Glue Gun with Glue Stick 100W - 11 Inch large glue stick in this combo pack. Very easy usable glue gun and glue sticks give you 100% satisfaction in your work. This gun consumes 100 watts AC power and voltage range: 100-240 volt. It is Fast, Easy and Simple.

Goot Soldering Iron KS-60R 60W

Tk 130
Goot Soldering Iron KS-60R 60W is the est Quality and very low price goot soldering iron, made in china available in our store. This soldering iron gives you a comfortable electronics work result. Very easy and comfortable usable soldering iron.

Soldering Tool Kit- Combo Soldering Set

Tk 348
Soldering Tool Kit- Combo Soldering Set is the best quality 4 in 1 soldering combo set including 60 Watt 220V precision red and black smart-looking soldering iron, soldering pest reel, metallic iron stand and soldering resin mini pack. Which gives you comfortable soldering for electric and electronics treatment.

Crocodile Clip (Red+Black) Combo Pack - 10 Pieces

Tk 29
A Crocodile Clip (Red+Black) Combo Pack - 10 Pieces is a sprung metal clip with long, serrated jaws which is used for creating a temporary electrical connection. This simple mechanical device gets its name from the resemblance of its jaws to those of an alligator or crocodile.

Wooden Cake Cutter

Tk 500
Wooden Cake Cutter has a finely serrated edge that slices through cleanly. No need to use another tool.

31 In 1 Screwdriver Tool Set

Tk 100 Tk 150
31 In 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set. Made of chrome aluminum steel. It offers high-quality precision tools. Exact fit precision machined heads. Professional screwdrivers allow you to open the cover of mobile phones easily and without damage to the phone cover. Grab this 31 in 1 Screwdriver Tool Set from Priyoshop.

Electric Go Duster Green Feather Duster

Tk 649 Tk 1,050
Go duster makes dusting and cleaning fast, easy and fun. It comes with 3 different types of brush heads. It spins and cleans all dusts.

Magic Bed - Easy Setup

Tk 1,275 Tk 2,200
No pump machine is needed to inflate this bed. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.

Security Alarm Lock

Tk 750 Tk 1,250
The Good Feeling of Security! The SIREN alarm of this lock will ensure top class security for your Household or Motorbike. When this lock is vibrated twice within 5 seconds, the alarm will sound.

Useful Multi Tools at PriyoShop

Fitted with the right accessory, your multi-tool can become your best friend. Maintain or repair more one than item using the beneficial multi tools. Trim off pipes and screws inside of cabinets, in the ceiling, behind the wall and under floor boards and many other hard to reach places.PriyoShop brings the collection of useful tools in your everyday life. And PriyoShop is all set to provide you all the products and service you can desire for.


Products in this Category

Multifunction Knife set, multi tool hammer, hardware tools, multi tool pliers, LED flashlight, alarm lock for bike & cycle, pocket knife, multifunction eat n’ tool, hose pipe for car wash, security alarm lock, magic. Air Pumper, stopwatch, backseat car organizer, glue, screwdriver set, spanners, drills, boost converter, wire cutter, ohm resistor, cable ties, oscillator and many other things. Don’t forget to explore the whole category. You will find anything and everything here.


Uses of Multi Tools in Daily Life

The products in this category are very essential but we don’t realize his until an emergency occurs.  With the right accessory you can slice through woods, metals, drywall, mortar, fibreglass and plastic with ease. There's even heads out there specifically for polishing and grinding. Woodworkers, plumbers, contractors use these tools in their everyday work. But you also need to keep these tools in your home for any kind of emergency. Maybe you can use them yourselves to work, repair or maintain a few things by yourselves without calling the technicians.


Super Combo Offer

There are multiple everyday tools that you need. PriyoShop brings their combo sets to make your shopping easier and more affordable. Here come combo Knife sets, screwdriver tool sets, soldering sets, automobile tool sets, bicycle repairing set, sewing kit and many other combo sets for your benefit. PriyoShop is all set to provide you the best products and service you want.


100% Authentic Products

PriyoShop ensures the genuineness of each and every product. All these products come from the authentic merchants and are QC passed. The team here at PriyoShop, focuses on the quality of the products and makes sure that there is no defect. We never allow any product with defects to get into the market, even though that may result in more cost and delay in the product release. So, the authenticity is ensured by us.


Multi Tools at Reasonable Price

This category helps you to choose products at your favorable price. Apart from buying the best products, you can save your time. You can now buy products easily at great discounts. So, save money, save time, stay with and check our latest collection of different offers and get products delivered on time. Our customers enjoy the most affordable prices here.


Buy Multi Tools at PriyoShop

PriyoShop is the name of trust to most of the customers in Bangladesh. So, you can put your trust to us and get products for yourselves and your dear ones from us. PriyoShop gives you the opportunity to buy them from home at affordable prices. Get delivery across the country with minimum delivery and leave all your worries behind. Explore our website for details and get updates on each and every product.

Multi Tools

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