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Sarin's Chondon Powder - 50gm

Tk 1,050
Chondon Powder - 50gm adds glow to the skin. It heals pimple. It also corrects uneven skitone. Brightens complexion. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Hair Boost - 100gm

Tk 750
Hair Boost - 100gm promotes hair growth, maintains natural health. It makes hair healthier, adds volume & shine. It banishes dandruff & lice. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Ageless Moringa - 50gm

Tk 650
Ageless Moringa - 50gm works as an anti-aging pack, heals pimple. It makes skin soft and smooth. Adds glow. Maintains skin elasticity. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Volcanic Ash - 200gm

Tk 850
Volcanic Ash - 200gm removes pigmentation. It makes skin bright and smooth. Deeply cleanses your skin. It also cures pimples, and adds instant glow. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Wild Turmeric - 50gm

Tk 450
Wild Turmeric - 50gm removes dark circles, minimizes open pores. Makes skin brighten, banishes oily skin. It removes pigmentations. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Sesame Oil - 200ml

Tk 400
Presenting to you the Sesame Oil - 200ml. It softens hair, and treats dandruff. Prevents premature graying. It also prevents hair fall.

Sarin's Black Nigella Oil - 200ml

Tk 550
Black Nigella Oil - 200ml banishes hair fall, highly promotes hair growth. It makes hair shinier. It also cleans scalp. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Coconut Oil - 200ml

Tk 450
Presenting to you the Coconut Oil - 200ml. It nourishes hair, banishes hair fall. It increases hair volume. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Almond Oil - 100ml

Tk 500
Almond Oil - 100ml strengthens hair root, soften & deeply moisturizes hair and skin. Great source of vit E for skin & hair. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Badaam Oil - 200ml

Tk 450
Badaam Oil - 200ml treats frizzy hair, reduces roughness. It also treats split ends. It softens hair. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Mixed Organic Hair Oil - 200ml

Tk 700
Mixed Organic Hair Oil - 200ml reduces hair fall, promotes hair growth. It removes dandruff. Softens hair. It removes fizziness. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Methi Powder - 100gm

Tk 250
Presenting to you the Methi Powder - 100gm. It reduces hair fall and adds volume. It softens hair. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Ritha Powder - 100gm

Tk 300
Ritha Powder - 100gm makes hair shinier & softer. It removes dandruff. Works as a natural shampoo. Good for damage hair. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Shikakai Powder - 100gm

Tk 300
Presenting to you the Shikakai Powder - 100gm. It soothes scalp, cleanses hair. It addes shine to the hair. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Amla Powder - 100gm

Tk 250
Amla Powder - 100gm reduces hairfall, promotes hair growth. It also reduces dandruff. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Licorice Powder - 100gm

Tk 400
Licorice Powder - 100gm treats pigmentation, and removes darkness. It also brightens skin tone. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Neem Powder - 100gm

Tk 250
Presenting to you the Neem Powder - 100gm. It removes bumps, and prevents blemishes. It also fights acne. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Conch Powder - 100gm

Tk 400
Conch Powder - 100gm lightens dark patches, treats pigmentation. It cures acne. Removes acne sports. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Orange Peel Powder - 50gm

Tk 350
Orange Peel Powder - 50gm removes blemishes, fights aging. It brightens skin. Good for dull skin. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Rose Powder - 100gm

Tk 500
Presenting to you the Rose Powder - 100gm. It minimizes pore, adds glow to skin. Softens skin. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Multani Mati - 100gm

Tk 250
Multani Mati - 100gm fights acne, and brightens skin. It removes excessive oil. It also treats pigmentation. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Foot Pamper - 100gm

Tk 650
Foot Pamper - 100gm removes pigmentation, removes deep tan. It treats cracked heels, and lightens dark armpits. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Lip Bomb - 70gm

Tk 450
Lip Bomb - 70gm exfoliates lips, lightens dark lips. It removes dry skin, and adds moisture to dry lips. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Herbal Hairpack - 100gm

Tk 450
Herbal Hairpack - 100gm reduces hair fall. It makes hair shinier. It treats frizzy hair. Good for oily & itchy scalp.

Sarin's Acne Spot Treatment - 25gm

Tk 300
Presenting to you the Acne Spot Treatment - 25gm. It cures acne. Fades acne spots. It also treats bumps & blind pimple. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Arabica Body Scrub - 100gm

Tk 850
Arabica Body Scrub - 100gm cures body acne. It removes pigmentation & dark patches, fades stretch marks & scars. It also polishes & nourishes skin.

Sarin's Tan Removing Mud Mask - 100gm

Tk 400
Tan Removing Mud Mask - 100gm removes tan marks, minimizes pores. It brightens skin tone. Good for oily skin.

Sarin's Citrus Brightening Scrub - 100gm

Tk 400
Citrus Brightening Scrub - 100gm softens and smoothens skin. Good for dull and dry skin. It also adds glow to skin.

Sarin's Detox Clay - 100gm

Tk 700
Detox Clay - 100gm removes whiteheads and blackheads. It also reduces deep tan, and deep cleanses. It is specially suggested for dull skin.

Sarin's All Purpose Face Pack - 100gm

Tk 450
All Purpose Face Pack - 100gm minimizes pores, tightens skin, reduces oiliness. Good for acne prone skin. Buy it at the best price.

Sarin's Store Skincare Products at PriyoShop
Sarin's Store is all about organic skincare product. Skin care is an essential part of your daily routine. Your skin is an asset to you. To take care of your skin properly, Sarin's Store brings some organic and effective skincare products. PriyoShop brings the varieties of skincare products for heathy and glowing younger looking skin and hair. We ensure the quality of these products and delivers them to you so that you can shop easily from home. PriyoShop is all set to provide you all the daily necessaries to ensure the best daily skincare you can get.


The Products We Offer
This category mainly focuses on your face, body and hair care. There are variety range of products for your healthy and beautiful skin and hair.
Powders for Face & Hair: We have chondon powder, ageless moringa, methi powder, ritha powder, wild turmeric powder, licorice powder, orange peel powder, neem powder, rose powder, herbal hair pack, all purpose face pack, tan removing pack, detox clay, acne spot treatment and what not! These are gentle on your skin and make your skin even toned, soft and bright.
Hair Oils: We have coconut oil, sesame oil, black nigella oil, badaam oil, almond oil etc. These suit every skin and hair type and make them even better and healthy.


Everyday Glowing Hair & Skin
The hair and beauty products at PriyoShop give you a spotless and beautiful everyday look. The products make your hair and skin glowing from the inside. With essential nutrients and enriched oil, the products make your skin healthy which helps you to be refreshing and acne free skin. The daily skincare products cleanse your impurities without over drying your skin and makes it radiant super soft and brightened. Absolutely no side effects of using these best branded products. Women love the effective results they get from these skin care products.


Best Grooming for You
Skin care is women and men's concern now-a-days. Whether it’s travelling for work or meeting up with friends there is no escaping the grime that surrounds you. Not only do the dirt and dust particles stick to the surface of the skin, they also go deep inside the pores of the face, causing the skin to look dark and drab. That's why PriyoShop is here to provide you all the necessary items you need. Sarin's Store brings all types of products. You can choose your skincare products according to your skin and hair type and needs. Infused with a unique combination of effective ingredients, each product variant helps restore, sustain and improve skin vitality, making it worthy of celebrity status!


Quality Check

Checking every product before delivery is very important to us especially for food items. The team here at PriyoShop, focuses on the quality of the products and makes sure that there is no problem and the quality is up to the mark. We never allow any product with defects to get into the market, even though that may result in more cost and delay in the product release.


Get Your Desired Hair & Skincare Products at PriyoShop
Take care of your precious skin properly with the right products. PriyoShop gives you the opportunity to buy them from home at affordable prices. Get delivery across the country with minimum delivery and leave all your worries behind. Explore our website for details and get updates on each and every product.


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