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Sunsilk Shampoo Perfect Straight 350ml

Tk 380.00
PriyoShop has brought to you the Sunsilk Shampoo Perfect Straight 350ml. It will make your hair straighter and shiner. Buy it at the best price.

Sunsilk Shampoo Healthy Growth 650 ML (Free Makeup Bag)

Tk 610.00
Sunsilk Shampoo Healthy Growth - 650 ML, for longer & healthy hair. Co-created with hair expert Francesca Fusco. Infused with biotin this shampoo helps reduce hair breakage.

Sunsilk Shampoo Long & Healthy Growth 180ml

Tk 215.00
Sunsilk Shampoo Long & Healthy Growth 180ml for longer & healthy hair. Co-created with hair expert francesca fusco. Infused with biotin this shampoo helps reduce hair breakage.

Sunsilk Shampoo for Perfect Hair

Sunsilk brings all the solutions to your each and every hair problem. It manufactures various shampoo that suits all types of hair. PriyoShop ensures the quality of these products and delivers them to you so that you can shop easily from home. Sunsilk makes your hair strong, shiny and manageable. And here, PriyoShop is all set to deliver you these high quality products to ensure the best service you can get.


About Sunsilk

Sunsilk makes hair products you will enjoy trying, exploring, using and discovering. Out here, in the real world, our life is rather hectic and we need our hair to be beautiful and to stay that way despite all the twists and turns. This is where Sunsilk comes in. Simple, vibrant, full of color and scents, Sunsilk stands shoulder to shoulder with us every step of the way. In a vibrant and constantly changing world, we can celebrate each challenge with protected, repaired, strong and well-groomed hair. With decades of experience in each bottle, you can count on Sunsilk to hit the mark in this endeavor.


Style and Shine

Every girl needs a little bit of styling to make her look smashing for any occasion. What really finishes your look for you is the way you style your hair. And if shiny, silky hair is what you desire then Sunsilk shampoo is a must for you. You don’t need to gear up for a salon trip just because you want your hair to glisten with health, instead just use Sunsilk shampoo twice a week and get healthy, manageable hair right in the comfort of your home! Use heat-activated shampoos, conditioners and serums as they release moisture when you apply heat with your hairdryer. For example, Sunsilk’s radiant shine shampoo and conditioner would be ideal to enhance the shine in your hair even as you style it.


Authentic Products with Quality

PriyoShop never compromises with the quality of the products. The QC teams closely monitor each stage to guarantee that every finished product has a reliable quality.


Reasonable Price

The price of these products is kept very reasonable for the customers. This is based on the different functions and quality of the products. You will certainly find it very affordable here. PriyoShop serves you with best quality keeping the price very low and reasonable.


Rechecking the Quality

The team here at PriyoShop, focuses on the quality of the products and makes sure that there is no defect. We never allow any product with defects to get into the market, even though that may result in more cost and delay in the product release. We definitely focus on the expiry date very carefully. We don’t allow any expired product to be sold.


Combo Offer

PriyoShop offers combo pack offer of Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditoner. So, now you can shop and save money and also get the flawless look with your healthy hair.


Buy Sunsilk Shampoo at PriyoShop

Sunsilk repairs your hair that has been damaged with everyday pollution. PriyoShop gives you the opportunity to buy original Sunsilk products from home at reasonable prices. Get delivery across the country with minimum delivery charges and leave all your tension behind. Explore our website for details and get updates on each and every product.


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