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DKNY Women Body Wash 450ml

Tk 3,000
DKNY Women Body Wash 450ml has been specially formulated for women. This keeps your body healthy and moisturized.

Clearit Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizer 5 Liter

Tk 4,000
Clearit Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizer 5 Liter is with Certification of BSTI. It kills germs upto 99.9% without water. Buy it at the best price.

BIOAQUA Cocosweet Bath Gel/Shower Gel - 600ml

Tk 1,200 Tk 1,450
Bioaqua Cocosweet Bath Gel/Shower Gel has a pleasant, thick consistency, which is perfectly foamed and washed away, leaving no trace of dirt behind and giving the skin a delicious floral fragrance and breathtaking freshness. The gel also nourishes the skin; the rose extract gives it softness and silkiness.

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid 5 Liter

Tk 1,380
Dettol Antiseptic Liquid provides lab verified protection from 100 illness causing germs. It is highly effective as first aid- used for both Medical & Personal Hygiene. Protects by killing bacteria and viruses. Please follow the instructions on product label properly. The 5Litre bottle of Dettol Antiseptic Liquid is a value pack necessary for House hold hygiene. Recommended by Doctors of Bangladesh Private Medical Practitioners Association (BPMPA).

Best Toiletries for Your Home at PriyoShop

You have to ensure that, you keep your home and washroom neat and clean. This is because you will be healthy and the environment around you will be neat. If you do not keep your home clean, you will easily get sick. So, you need the best cleaning toiletries. PriyoShop is a trusted source for these products so that you can get the original product and best service. PriyoShop ensures the quality of these products and delivers them to you so that you can shop easily from home. The products leave your home neat and clean so that you can lead a healthy life.


Easy Cleaning Items

There are so many duties to do on a daily basis. And keeping home neat and clean is one of them. But keeping your favorite house clean is not easy, but it is a bit of a hassle. And whether it is urgent or compulsory, it is vital to collect these things. So, you need to collect several types of toiletries product in the house, things that will greatly reduce your pain. So, choose your needy products from the huge collection of toiletry products. Reduce your pain, and keep the house clean.


The Category Includes

Washroom Toiletries: The washroom is a very important place, which is very important to keep microbial free. You have to be constantly aware of this place. There are a lot of products for washroom, like toilet and floor cleaners, bath soap, shower gel, washing powder, air freshener, etc. That will help you a lot to keep your washroom clean as well as, keep you healthy.

Home & Kitchen Toiletries: There is a huge collection of cleaning products to keep your home and kitchen clean. There are dish washes, floor cleaner, glass cleaners, hand washes, hand sanitizers, air fresheners and insect killers to protect you and your family members from different bad diseases. And these are smarter products to get your work done.


Best Quality at best Price

The brands assure the quality of their products and so does PriyoShop. The QC teams closely monitor each stage to guarantee that every finished product has a reliable quality. Also, the price of these products is kept very reasonable for the customers. You can get the toiletries for your home at reasonable price. This is based on the different quality and quantity of the products. PriyoShop serves you with best quality keeping the price very low and reasonable.


Homemakers’ First Choice

PriyoShop lives for their customers. The genuine quality that we serve make us the most reliable source for online shopping. It is our utmost duty to deliver the best customer experience at the lowest price. Our customers enjoy the lowest price for genuine products. Their shared experiences move us forward and inspire us to work harder for them.


Buy Best Quality Toiletries at PriyoShop

PriyoShop offers you high quality toiletries for your sweet home and PriyoShop gives you the opportunity to buy them from home at affordable prices. Explore our website for details and get updates on each and every product. Get delivery across the country with minimum delivery charges and leave all your tension behind. Shopping is not a headache anymore. Visit our website for all the details and order now.


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